Appealing Atlanta Property Taxes 2012

Its that time of the year that property owners in Atlanta should be receiving their Annual Assessment notice telling them how much the Tax Assessor is Valuing their property, which means its time to appeal those property taxes again.  This won’t make sense for everyone to do, but given the fact that property values have>>

New APS Maps and Options Posted

Just when I finish summarizing and contrasting the first four options…Here are the next two!  APS just this evening posted the two new proposals for the rezoning of Atlanta Public Schools.  I’ll have a breakdown summary of what these mean over the next several days, but take a look for yourself.  The documents dated January>>

Why are Atlanta Public Schools Rezoning?

With Atlanta Public Schools’ demographic studies and redistricting options being the heart of much debate lately, a questions that has not been answered clearly is Why are they doing this…what’s the point?  So here is a quick explanation of the purpose for all of this which I think is important to talk about before diving>>

Atlanta Home Buyers Becoming Frustrated!

Yes, home buyers in the Atlanta real estate market are frustrated, you read that correctly, and they have good reason to be.  Inventory is very low which means they don’t have nearly as many options as they used to when home shopping.  Guess what else it means?  The sellers with good properties are getting more>>

The Atlanta Real Estate Market Needs Seller’s Listings!

A Seller’s Story Inventory levels in many areas of the Atlanta Real Estate Market are very low right now, and this is the first piece of good news for sellers in Atlanta for a long while.  Let’s clarify what I mean by “Inventory”.  Inventory in the real estate context means the homes for sale on>>

Atlanta Homestead Exemption Tax Guide

Homestead Exemption is a discount on your property tax bill and is available to Georgia homeowners on the property they declare as their primary residence, so long as the meet some of the following criteria. If you can answer yes to the following two questions, than you qualify for the basic homestead exemption in your>>

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